Fishing Report – July 2013 at Lake George, Lake Mary, and Lake Mamie

My dad out there in the float tube fishing

My dad out there in the float tube fishing

I had an opportunity to get out to Mammoth Lakes in July and do some fishing. It was great to get out from the behind the computer and into the outdoors.  The trip was with my dad and we camped in his RV at Lake George. During our stay we fished Lake George, Lake Mary, and Lake Mamie.

This fishing report will summarize my days fishing, what I used, and some things I learned. From Wednesday to Sunday I fished for 32 hours total and caught about 105 trout. That averages out to nearly my “limit” every hour, all caught with a trout worm. What’s more, my dad also caught about the same amount of fish, totaling more than 200 fish caught in a long weekend.


Wednesday at Lake George: fished noon-4pm – 16 fish – line =  4 pound P-Line CXX Copolymer

We arrived to our campsite at Lake George on Wednesday morning. For this trip we stayed in campsite 8 overlooking the lake. It has a beautiful view and is only a short walk down to the water for some fishing. Even though we arrived in the morning, we didn’t get into the water until about noon. We were in no rush and were relaxing on vacation.

I was a little nervous to get started fishing because now I have this website and felt like it would be embarrasing if I didn’t catch as many fish as I wanted (thankfully that didn’t happen). To feel more comfortable, I immediately tied on a number five size pinch on weight and a 3″ Berkley Power Floating Trout Worm in fluorescent orange color. On my second cast I caught a fish and I was ready for the long weekend trip of fishing.

This afternoon session I ended up catching about 12 fish on flourescent orange Berkley trout worms, two with bubblegum pink trout worms, and two with orange peel trout worms.

After catching a bunch of fish in a short time, I thought I would try a Hammer Swimbait since I had written that I would do some experimenting with swimbaits in an earlier post. I had huge plans of catching a 5+ pound trout with a 3″ swimbait, but it didn’t happen after about 25 minutes of fishing or any other time on the trip.


Wednesday Evening at Lake George: fished 5pm-8:30pm – 13 fish – line = 4 pound Seaguar fluorocarbon

This was my first time ever fishing any kind of fluorocarbon. I wrote about my plans to try fluorocarbon line and wanted to see it through.

Although I had planned on using one particular kind of fluorocarbon, when I got to my favorite tackle shop in Mammoth they recommended Seaguar Invizx fishing line. From what the guy that helped me told me, Seaguar has a patent on fluorocarbon and the rest are all copy cat fluorocarbons. I’m not sure how this works, but thought I would mention it and it was enough to convince me to try it.

Using the fluorocarbon was great! I’m not completely sold on it quite yet, but it cast great and had great feel. It’s possible that I caught more fish with it, but I’m not sure yet. After a few more trips with it I will make a decision on it. There are a few other brands I want to try before settling for the Seaguar. One thing is for sure, the P-Line CXX Copolymer line still works until I test more fluorocarbons.

Back to Wednesday evening. With the fluorocarbon line I caught about 13 fish. Two were caught on red trout worms and the rest on fluorescent orange color.

There was a stretch when I was fishing Wednesday evening that I caught 8 fish on consecutive casts at one of my favorite inlets on the lake. My first day was great!

Lake George rock from Twin Lakes

Lake George rock from Twin Lakes


Thursday at Lake Mary: fished 12pm-3pm – 10 fish – line = fluorocarbon

This was my first time of the trip using a bubble and a trout worm. On Wednesday I had used a weight and a trout worm. The bubble and a trout worm is ideal for the larger size of Lake Mary and some of the more shallow spots I fished.

At Lake Mary we fished the south end near the marina and I caught one with an orange trout worm, two with orange peel with a white ball head (this is a new trout worm I was trying), and seven caught with a pink trout worm.

Lake Mary was packed with people on paddleboards and on boats. The weather was hot and it was great to see so many people enjoying the lake. While we were fishing we saw two bald eagles and one swooped down and grabbed a fish in its talons. No better place to fish in California.


Thursday at Lake George: fished 5pm-8pm – 6 fish – line = fluorocarbon

Fishing was slow on this outing. I started out with a bubble and trout worm and caught nothing. When I switched to a weight and a trout worm I ended up with six fotal for the evening. Four were caught with an orange trout worm and two were caught with pumpkin seed color trout worm.

We really noticed a difference in fishing Lake George today vs yesterday. Yesterday when we were out there everyone on the lake was catching fish. Yesterday there were two other float tube fisherman catching a bunch of fish on a Thomas Buoyant lure, something I would never recommend anyone using. Today was different for us and the other fisherman at the lake. My guess is that the full moon was one day closer to arriving on the following Monday and people had taken a lot of the fish out of the lake from fishing the past 24-48 hours.


Friday Morning at Lake Mamie: fished 9:30am-1pm – 17 fish = fluorocarbon

We originally started out wanting to head to Twin Lakes, but it was packed with fisherman. They were all on upper Twin Lakes. It looked like a swimming pool with all the float tubers out there casting together. Instead of dealing with that we went to Lake Mamie, and boy were we happy about it.

The red trout worm really seemed to do well at this lake. I caught 10 with a red trout worm and my dad caught a bunch with it also. The red trout worm also brought in a 1 pound 15 ounce trout for my dad. Six of my fish were caught on pink. I also caught one fish on a trout worm that is not Berkley brand.

There is a small river area that feeds Lake Mamie from Lake Mary. I paddled in my float tube to this area and had a great time doing some sight fishing. I could see a lot of fish and would cast into the shallow water. With the bright sun and my polarized sunglasses I could see the bright color of the worm. When I could no longer see the worm I knew there was a fish and gave a swift hookset. It was a blast!

What kept me going at Lake Mamie was seeing so many fish in the water. It is a shallower lake than Lake Mary and Lake George, so it was easier to see the fish. Several large trout were spotted swimming around, but only the one over a pound was caught on this day.

A typical stocked trout caught in Mammoth Lakes

A typical stocked trout caught in Mammoth Lakes


Friday Afternoon at Lake Mary: fished 3pm-6pm – 6 fish = fluorocarbon

This time at Lake Mary we started on the other side of the lake near the Okeechobee boat dock. I fished with a weight this time instead of a bubble.

We caught several fish, with two on pink, two on orange peel, and two on red. The fishing was solid when we first got in the water, but as the afternoon went on it got worse and worse. It seemed like the bite really shut off for us at about 5pm.


Friday Evening at Lake George: fished 7pm-9pm – 1 fish = fluorocarbon

We had to give Lake George a try after the bite shut off at Lake Mary. This outing was fun, but was my worst fishing session of the trip with only 1 fish caught. At least there were no times during the trip that I didn’t catch a fish. With trout worms you really give yourself a great chance to catch fish every time you try a Mammoth Lake.


Saturday Morning at Lake George: fished 9:30am-2pm – 13 fish = P-Line Copolymer

Made the switch back to the line I recommend for this morning session at Lake George. Even though I caught 13 fish, it seemed a little slow because there were no back to back fish caught. I caught a fish every 15-30 minutes or so.

On this fishing trip we fished the far side of Lake George to try the inlet that comes in on this side. This is where we caught most of the fish for the day.

The pink trout worm caught 10 and the orange trout worm caught 3. When the fishing slowed, I gave the swimbait a try again for about 30 minutes with no bites.


Saturday Evening at Lake George: fished 4pm-8pm – 7 fish – line = P-Line Copolymer

This trip was much like the morning trip where we caught a couple of fish spread out during the time on the water. I used a bubble thinking that I might switch to a bubble and sierra bright dot fly, but never ended up going for it. I have found that the trout worms have potential to catch bigger fish than a fly, so I stuck with the trout worm.

I ended up catching 5 on the orange trout worm and two on the red trout worm.


Sunday Morning at Lake Mamie: fished 9am-11:30am – 15 fish – line = fluorocarbon

We had to get back to Lake Mamie before we headed down the mountain. The lake proved to be good again with me catching 15 fish. Most of the fish were caught on the red trout worm, but three were caught on a pink trout worm.

My dad caught another fish close to two pounds this morning. It was a great way to finish up our fishing trip.


I hope you were able to learn something from this journal style approach to my fishing trip. If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for my newsletter and receive a free eBook all about how to fish the Mammoth Lakes Basin with a bubble and trout worm.

Is your experience similar to mine? How have you done fishing Mammoth lately?

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